Angelique is the cranky one on far right. Dresses handmade by my grandmother.

Angelique Tassistro makes work into play.  Her belief in the magic of creativity, along with her childhood mispronunciation, turned imagination into “magic nation.”  Angelique is a ceramic artist who focuses on functional pottery with a sculptural approach, always going to that “magic nation” for inspiration.

Angelique grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and currently lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina.  She received two BAs from Louisiana State University in 2000 in Ceramics and Photography. Her work is shown in the permanent collection at New Orleans Museum of Modern Art in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2010 Angelique was selected to be one of The WNC Top 10 Emerging artist.  Tassistro is a rising star in the ceramic world, with numerous recent publication credits and inclusion in the 2011 Ceramics Monthly Top 15 National Emerging Clay Artists.  Her work is playful and vibrant, with architecturally-influenced forms made alive with layers of color and dynamic lines. She uses a unique subtractive process to work backwards in time through the layers of visual information previously added to her pots.

Angelique’s studio is open to the public Monday through Saturday 11 am - 4 pm or by appointment.  Visit her studio at 5 River Arts Place Suite 101, Asheville NC 28801 located in the heart of Asheville's River Arts District.